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A treasure of literature, graphics, music, freely available to anybody. Happenings for students and all the citizens, aiming at spreading knowledge of Public Domain through science, literature, art, theatre and dance.

On January, 1st, every year, a part of the immense wealth of knowledge, art and literature created by humanity becomes freely available to anybody. Thousands of works, in fact, enter the Public Domain, due to the expiration of copyright on works by authors deceased at least seventy years ago. Their content becomes a common treasure, available to anybody and can be used in several various ways: it may be printed, copied, performed, played, translated, duplicated on any medium, digitized and even more.

VIVA L'ITALIA LIBERA! (Long live free Italy!)

Monday April 27, 2014, at 14:00 - 17:00

Museo del Carcere "Le Nuove"

Via Borsellino, 3 - Torino

In the 70th anniversary of Liberazione, the writings by martyrs of the "Martinetto" enter the Public Domain.

Their words and their values live again in the first short play for the "2015 Celebration of Public Domain".

Martinetto flier

Partners in celebration for Public Domain